During my UWRT-1102 class, we students had a couple parlors which we were asked to read about some chapter on the book and then discuss about it. In my opinion, those parlors were really helpful to clarify some quotes and ideas presented on the book “Reclaiming Conversation”, written by Sherry Turkle. That was the first time that I had discussions in class, and definitely it helped a lot. One of my favorites parlors were the one about the chapter “Friendship”, which helped me to shape the main idea of how technology have been changing friendship relationship. Moreover, I would like to mention the participation for the Inquiry Project presentation. In this parlor, we students were asked to speak and give a feedback of at least two presentations. This activity was helpful for me in both ways, since I could revise other students work and give them some tips, and also get a good feedback of my presentation and of my topic. I really enjoyed the parlors during the semester and I think that more professors should do it.

  • Below are two parlors that helped me a lot throughout the Inquiry Process. If you would like to continue reading these posts, please go to the “Blog” page.

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