My initial guide question was about “How Technology are impacting college-athletes students”. As you can see, I completely changed my question, since I could not find as many good sources as I want to. After realizing that my initial question was not “good enough”, I tried to think about a more broad question. By being said, I end up by doing my inquiry project about “How is technology affecting human relationships”. Definitely that was the major turning point of my guide question, since I was able to figure it out how my question could be more broad and then have more things to talk about. Changing my questions was quite hard at the beginning, since there are so many things that I could talk about. However, having the parlors and reading the book, gave me an idea of how I should divide my topic. The book “Reclaiming Conversations” has three important chapters which helped me a lot throughout the Inquiry Process Project. Those chapters are Romance, Friendship and Family, which coincidently were the three main parts of my Inquiry Project. However, at the end of the semester we were asked to create a new question, which should be more specific and less broad. By being said I chose my “new” question to be “How is technology/social media changing family, friendship and family relationships”. I know this question looks like with my original one, however I would try to be more specific do a deeper research on each topic.


  • Below is the Infographic about my Initial Question!



  • Below is the Infographic about my Actual and “Future Question”!