I made my inquiry process about how is technology and social media affecting human relationships. However, we students were asked to create a new question if we had one more semester of this class. By being said, I was looking for something more deep and specific. My new question would be “How is technology/social media” affecting family, friendship and romance. I divided my previous question in those three aspects, however I did not go deep and specific enough. By Having one more semester of UWRT 1102 I would be able to give more details about each topic. Starting on the family side, I loved the part of how Television have been changing family relationships. It is incredible how people can spend hours and hours in front of the TV without saying a single word. This have been influencing how family members relates to each other. Instead of spending time together talking and enjoying the company of each other, they literally just seat in front of the TV and stay there for hours and hours straight. I would also love to search more about how family dinners have changed during the past 20 years. Back in the day, people use to sit together and have conversations about different topics. However, this reality changed a lot. Family dinners nowadays are “virtual, where children and parents are always connected to some kind of electronic device. The quote “But, as we are part of this Virtual world we come across many personsAnd after talking to them we start considering them as friends too.”, which I found by reading the article “How Technology Affects Human Relationships”, really shows this sad reality. Those two aspects are really sad for me, since family is the “base of everything”, and they should interact to each other, in order to express their feelings and share secrets and thoughts. The second part of my infographics talks about how social media have been impacting romance. I would like to focus this part on the negative effects. As we all know, social media have been impacting the way couples relates to each other. They are losing human contact due the constant use of social media, which is pretty much contradictory, since couples should be having physical contact. Apps such as Tinder and bumble are revolutionizing the idea of romance. Those apps crate a false identity, where people acts different as they act in real life. Personally, I have a lot of friends that are “kings” on tinder, but when it comes to real life they do not know what to do. Definitely I would love to search more about how is tinder and bumble changing teenagers relationships more specifically. The third part of my new question, would be more specific on how dangerous Facebook and Snapchat can be to people. Virtual friends made through those apps are becoming an issue. By being said virtual criminality have been growing a lot in the past 10 years, which is extremely worrisome. Also, I would like to talk and search more about the increasing of online games and how do they change relationships. Doing this infographic was really helpful for me to see that my inquiry project is not the final word, and there are still a lot of research to be done.

Below is my “future” question!