Technology Vs Relationships

In the following articles you readers are going to experience a journey through my researches and thoughts. The conversation of how technology have been changing the world is an intriguing topic, where people agree and disagree in a couple aspects. Knowing that technology has a huge role in the world is fundamental to understand the main points of this conversation. Regarding the increase amount of electronic devices on the market, and consequently the increase of social media and smartphones, people are forgetting how to have “real” conversations. Face-to-face conversations are being forgotten, and text messages and facetime calls are becoming more common every day. Those changes can be seen everywhere. By being said, I divided my research in three big parts, which consist of how is technology changing relationships in the romance, family and friendship field. Being from Brazil, and having a different culture, it is really interesting to see how American in general are always connected to some kind of device. According to a research made by University of Pennsylvania, 70% of Americans have an smartphone. If you stop to think about, you will see how big this number is and the consequences that this have been causing. Off course technology is extremely important for all of us, however we need to measure how and when to use it.


Family time!? Maybe not…

Technology in today’s world offers different ways to effectively communicate, so that family members can always be in touch, even when they are thousands of miles away. Apps such as facetime, skype and text messaging facilitate the communication that was not possible 30 years ago. It is crazy to think about how smartphones Have gained such great importance in our lives. Nowadays, most people have a smartphone, where, Speed and practicality are characteristics of this device. By having most of my family living in Brazil, I constantly use those tools to communicate with them. Even knowing that they are away from me, just because of the fact that I can see them live through a little screen makes me feel that they are the right next to me. Despite such qualities, these devices can have serious consequences for society itself, especially in the family field. If you are reader, ask your grandparents or even your parents how they used to have family dinners on the past, I’m sure they would say that the whole family would join the table at the same time, pray and then enjoy the food and share memories of how the day was. However, stop to look at how things are nowadays. Everyone always using some kind of technology, living in a virtual world, without paying attention to what is happening around. An interesting fact is that not only the children who behave like this. According to the article Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World HC the number of parents that have used social networks and some kind of related technology has been growing a lot in recently. Children complaining about their parents spending more time on their cell phones than joking or giving attention to them has already become a reality. In addition to feeling deprived, children develop characteristics such as moodiness egoism. Technology is rewriting the rulebook for human interaction talks about another factor that influences family relationships, which is the constant use of television. Television is one mode of technology that can prevent a family from communicating. Families tend to spend hours and hours sitting in front of the TV without saying a word to each other. But when questioned, they say they were doing a family activity and interacting. In my opinion, this type of interaction is not healthy and tends to cause problems not only for the parents, but also for the children. The good side is that the problem can change with simple gestures. How Does Technology Affect Family Communication? discuss how parents can be proactive in reining in television watching. By doing this, they can limit the amount of time a child watches television and, to encourage language skills, parents can participate by discussing the program the children have just watched and analyzing the advertisements. Definitely those techniques would help Parents and children to have a healthier and happier relationship.


Digital love

Nowadays, dating sites are increasingly common in teenagers’ lives. Apps like tinder and bumble have grown pretty much in the last 10 years. Both apps aim to connect “couples” so they can talk and interact. This new technology is very interesting, since people can make new friends and even dates. But by using dating sites like these, people got used to the idea of virtual relationships and have forgotten the importance of having a face-to-face conversation. This Is How Technology Killed Romance emphasizes how people can spend entire days sending photos and texts, calls and Skype conversations, without having any human contact. Or even knowing if you can hold a conversation in real life. Being said, this is the troubling part in the constant use of social media and pacing sits. You can flirt with each other say things that they would never do by having a face to face conversation. By doing those kinds of stuff, people are creating A false identity and acting in a different way than they really are. That is stated in the article How technology has changed romance. In Today’s Relationships, people feel the need to look disinterested from each other. We always need to seem the less interested party in a relationship. Do not immediately respond to messages, not to call the person on the next day and play with the feelings are part of the conquest game nowadays. It is Very interesting how this new technology affects adults in a certain way, but in its certain proportions. According to the article All Romantic Relationships Are Digital Now, 8 percent of internet users in a committed relationship have had an argument with their spouse or partner about the amount of time one of them was spending online. However, the use of technology in adults has been beneficial. Many couples claim have felt closer to their partner because of online or text message conversations. The use of technology in the romance field can be positive or negative, we just have to understand and learn how to enjoy it.


New Generation, Digital Era!

Nowadays, people are always connected of some kind of device. If you are like me, the first thing you do when you wake up is check your cellphone and consequently all kinds of social media that you have. During the rest of the day we are always texting, e-mailing or browsing things on internet. Friendships like that of yesteryear are very rare, where friends used to go out on the streets to play and interact with other children. With this new wave of technology, children and young people are always connected to some kind of electronic device and this have been affecting the way they are relating to each other. The article How technology has changed relationships (for better and worse) describe this reality, where groups of friends Prefer to stay home and play some kind of online game than going to the cinema or playing football. This is very sad if we stop to think, since friendship relationships are being increasingly weakened and sidelined by message applications, internet and online games. Another factor that has been worrying many people are virtual friendships. This can be seen in the article How Technology Affects Human Relationships. In this new digital era, friendships are constantly made through applications such as Facebook or snapchat, which is often very dangerous for young people, where they find fake friendships, where instead of talking to a children or teenager they are actually talking to some kind of criminal or some malicious individual. Besides all of that, we can not fail to mention that the new available technology is very good and efficient, since we can communicate through a simple device, even by being on the other side of the world.