After watching both TED talks, I realized that they have a couple things in common, especially when they talk about the inquiry process. The first TED talk talks about how the speaker, Deb Roy, wanted to understand how his infant son learned language, so he put cameral all over the house to watch the steps of his son. After tons of hours watching those videos, words such as “Ahhh” became to “water” or “mom”. The practice of inquiry is totally present on his attempt to understand how his son learned English, since the effort and the decision to select the crucial moments are part of this process. On the other hand, The Second TED talk talks about his passion for the unseen mystery, which can be easily seen on his movies such as Lost and Star Trek. The process of inquiry on his speech vary from how he choose the topics of his movies to decide what he should talk about on the TED talk. I would define a mystery box as a “box of opportunities”. It can represent infinity of possibilities, or even hope and potential. For J.J, his mystery boxes are present everywhere. For him, mystery boxes can be seen as opportunities to think out of the box. He said that “mystery is the catalyst for imagination… It’s not the most ground-breaking idea, but when I started to think that maybe there are times when mystery is more important than knowledge”. Deb Roy’s projects changed over time, on the way that he is now more mature then he was 10 years ago. A good example is the creation of “Lost”, where he and his partners had a couple of weeks to write it, cast it, crew it, shoot it, cut it, post it, turn in a two-hour pilot. So looking back at that time, he realized how important that was fo him , since the creative process is an essential part of the inquiry process. By being said, he said that that blank page is a magic box, where It needs to be filled with something fantastic. Looking over my Reader’s Guide, I found a couple of “Mystery Boxes” on my topic. I would like to explore more, how online video games are affecting friendship relationships and also family relationships. Moreover, I would like to know more about The differences of social media impact on different countries. Since I am from Brazil, I would like to know how different cultures impact on the use of technology.


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