First Source: This Is How Technology Killed Romance

The article written by Bethany KC talks about how technology have been “killing” couples nowadays. The author explains how people are losing the personal touches in getting to know someone, meeting them face to face. Nowadays, people use to send texts and snapchats instead of hang out together. Moreover, the people are using skype and facetime more and more, so they are losing the sense of “human contact”. Reading the article I found this quote really interesting “And even in established relationships, technology somehow gets in the way. We lose the art of a real conversation, because you can just text someone now, it’s easier. Even a goodnight phone call seems to be too hard, we can just send a quick text. We lose the spontaneity of just turning up on someone front door with a bunch of flowers, and saying, ‘come on, I’m taking you out!’ A relationship should have romance, and I’m really sure that you cannot measure romance on how many words per minute you can type!”. This situation is present in almost every relationship these days. Couples tend to have more virtual than face to face conversations, which is really worrisome for me.


Second Source: How Does Technology Affect Family Communication?

Barbara Sorensen talks about how technology have been affecting family communication over the past 20 years. Nowadays there are a huge plethora of ways to communicate effectively. From text messaging, Skype, webcams, Facebook, Twitter and emails, the facilitation of communication has never been more available. However, people are avoiding to have face to face conversations, by just texting and skyping each other. On the family field, there is a huge impact on communication, since families nowadays are spending less time together, due the fact that they are always connected to some kind of technologic device. “Television is one mode of technology that can prevent a family from communicating. With the advent of Tevo and myriad 24-hours-a-day program availability, the family can literally sit for hours without speaking a word to each other.” That was the first time that I read and stop to think about it. People now tend to spend hours “together” watching TV, but at the same time they are not “together”. The idea that being at the same place and at the same moment does not mean that they are spending time together. This quote was really meaningful to me and I will certainly look for more sources about this.


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