I chose to write about the article “How technology has changed romance”. The title of the article called my attention so I decided to read and know more about it. Moreover, by just reading the title, I can definitely say that the article is extremely related to my topic.

  1. Describing the author’s key claims:

The authors key claims is show how technology have been changing romance relationships. The author says that we are living in a digital era, so the constant use of smartphones, and consequently the use of texts and messages are increasing a lot. Nowadays, social media are part of most of the relationships, be by jus posting a photo on Instagram or by having distance relationships “via” skype”.

  1. Selecting examples to illustrate the author’s argument:

As I was reading the article, I found plenty of good examples that support the key claim. However, there is one quote that really opened my eyes and give the main idea of the text to the readers: ” These days we often text instead of speak, use FaceTime instead of having face-to-face discussions and zip through online dating profiles with the same speed it takes to order a pizza”.

  1. Presenting the gist of the author’s argument:

Nowadays, people are always using their phones, and this have been causing some “problems” in the romance field. Couples tend to spend less time together then they use to, just because now they can text instead of have a face-to-face conversation. Of course social media is a good and practical way to communicate not just with your boyfriend, but also with friends and family. But when people chose to have a text conversation instead of hang out and spend some time together, we can say that something is wrong.

  1. Contextualizing with you summarize:

The author of this text is Breeanna Hare, who is a journalist at CNN. The title of the text is “How technology has changed romance”, and it was published at the CNN website, which means that the text is accessible to all types of readers that have the interest to know more about it. The purpose of the text is to alert and inform people of the problems that technology have been causing to romance relationships nowadays. Breeanna focus her text to adults couples, but she also talks the effects of technology on teenagers.


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