My experience on the library “scavenge hunt” was very interesting. During my time at the library I saw how helpful it can be, since I have not been there too many times. Our library offer the students tons of opportunities and facilities that you can spend time studying, learning, and even making new connections. That was just my third time at the library, and I am definitely not proud of that. However, after taking a look and seen how much I can utilize of it, I will definitely go there way more that I use to.

The library website was by far the most interesting thing for me. I have not heard about the library website until I saw the link over this assignment, which is sad, since many students don’t know about it as well. Going over the website, I found many useful things that will be very helpful for me in the future. Search for online books, articles and peer-review are easy and convenient on the library website. Also, it is free and they have a vast variety. I have not found any promising sources over the website for me inquiry project yet, but I am sure that I will find tons of articles that would help me to write and learn more about my topic.

The “scavenge hunt” over the library  was plenty  of surprises for me. The amount of students at the library was unreal. I would never say that so many students would be at the library, since for it was always empty. Clearly I was wrong! I found interesting the “reserved rooms” over the library, were students can book a room and study as a group. I would do that in the future, since I always learn more when I am studying with someone else. Those rooms are a great opportunity for students to get tutors and friends to help.

During my time at the library, I noticed that students are very respectful to the facility. They know where they should be quiet, where they can talk louder, where they can seek for help. I was proud of how students really care about that place. After my “scavenger hunt” I can definitely say that students threat it like a “ second home”.

My favorite place at the library was the quiet room. There students are not allowed to use their cellphones, talk, drink, eat. All they can do is study. This room gives students the opportunity to completely focus on the book and the reading. When I was there, the room was really full, at least 60 students were there. However, It was incredible how quiet it was. Everyone was focus on their own work, no talking, no technology, just books. Now that I know about that room, I would use it a lot during my college career.


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