I found really interesting the reading of the article “ Argument as Conversation”. The author Stuart Green provides essential information that will be helpful for me not for my inquiry process is this class, but also in future projects as well. Thinking about a simple question, it is always the best way to start a research for me. By thinking about a simple question, I can expand this simple question to more complex questions, which will give me more detailed information about the topic.

Stuart Greene explains through this article that an inquiry process is way more complicated than just collect information. He divides into two categories, Reading as inquiry and Reading as a search for information. Greene defines reading as inquiry as a reading to see one part of the conversation, and after that, asking questions and look for more information, for then come back and see the other part of the conversation. On the other hand, Greene defines Reading as a search for information as a reading about the topic, just focusing on the words itself. This concept does not goes deeper on the “second intentions” of the text, it just goes deep enough to have a have a conversation and a “basic” understating of what the text is about.

On the dictionary, framing means “the act, process, or manner of constructing anything.” Being said, Greene states that framing is a very important part who the author will present his topic. Framing will define how you as an author, wants your audience to see your opinions. This will guide them to your viewpoints. During my researchers over my inquiry project topic, I found an article that is “framing” every time. “how technology affect human relationships”, wrote by Bryan Kamer build this article by trying to persuade you of how social media have been changing the way people relates to each other nowadays. And honestly, he did a perfect job, since I completely changed my mind after reading his article. Moreover, I use to see “framing” everywhere. Newspapers, TV, books, you can always detect the framing process.

Definitely after reading “Argument as Conversation” I learned good tips of how to do a better job on my future researches. I am sure that I will be able to find better sources and look to those articles with “new eyes”, which will help me writing my inquiry project.


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