How Social Media Affects College Athletics

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The topic that I choose for my inquiry project is “how is social media and technology affecting college students athletes”. By being an athlete here at UNCC, I feel that this project may help me as an athlete, as well as my team and teammates. Moreover, I would love to know more about the negative and positives sides that technology have been impacting over students athletes over the country.

The source that I chose was written by Oscar Osterman on February 26th of 2015. The publication was published over the IndyStar magazine, which is a famous sports magazine, where they talk about every sports related topics. Oscar is a basketball specialist, which cover most of the notices over the NCAA and NBA. After reading the article, I certainly understand better how technology is affecting positively and negatively not just college athletes, but professionals and high school athletes as well. One of the most interesting and surprising information for me, was about how social medias can impact over the athletes performance, but at the other hand, social medias may provide sponsors.

The idea that social media have impacts over athlete performance, it’s explained by how they get distracted with “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “snapchat” during the practice time or during championships, It is extremely unacceptable for an high level athlete to stay connected over his phone during those moments. However, there is always a positive side. Athletes that are well instructors about how manage their social media accounts tends to have 50% more of sponsors and extra help, then athletes that don’t use social media in a professional way. Also, I found really interesting the part that connects technology with college recruitment. College recruits may lost a good college offer because they post something “inappropriate” on social media. I liked the quote “Your reputation is always on the line”. It basically means that by being an student athlete you are always being watched. Be over your twitter publications or over your performance on practice and tournaments.

Reading this article was very helpful for me to get a start and the main idea of how is technology and social media affecting college students athletes. However, I would like to know more details about it, like cases of athletes that got “caught doing wrong things” because of some publication, Performance statistics comparing athletes that are addicted to technology and athletes that are not and etc.… This was just one of the many sources and articles that I will search in order to know more about this topic and write my Inquiry Project.


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