The word inquiry of the dictionary means “an act of asking for information”. Understanding the meaning of inquiry was very important to me, in order to get a better view of the main points and ideas of the texts that I was reading. After browsing the examples of “inquiry process”, I noticed that all of them have something in common, even talking about different topics. The main idea of all of them is to transmit some type of information, that may be useful or interesting for the readers. The authors of the provided inquiry process examples, were thinking about something that could affect someone life. However, the first step of each writing start with questions and doubts about how you should write, or what you should write. Definitely those kinds of questions were guiding these projects to be successful and achieve what they want to.

My concept of inquiry totally match with these projects. Being able to learn more about certain topic that you are curious about, is the perfect definition of inquiry for me. Therefore, I would say that these projects allowed me to have a better understanding of what they were talking about, and also going deeper with some information that I already “knew”.

I am a type of person that is always trying to learn things and live different experiences. By being said, I would say that I am always practicing “inquiry” every time. Whenever I have the opportunity to learn more about something, I would ask someone or research about to learn more about the certain topic. Moreover, by being an athlete, I am always trying to get better. Asking my coaches, watching videos of professionals and learning with mistakes are types of “inquiry process” that I have to deal with on my tennis career.

One site that I found that I thought was a good example of inquiry was It talks about how cellphones are changing the students mentality nowadays. The website relates the use of cellphones to the worse performance of students at school. It was really interesting, because this is extremely related to the book “reclaiming conversation” that we are reading at this class. In my opinion, the guiding question for this project was the idea of how students are getting more and more connected to their cellphones nowadays, and the consequences that it have been bringing to children. The issue of technology addiction is a very common topic over debates, and everyone has an opinion about it. However, the fact that cellphones and social media have a big impact over students performances is a fact. Therefore, the authors of this projects were definitely trying to inform and draw the attention for this “problem” that students are facing nowadays at school and college.


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