Technology VS Relationships


After reading multiple chapters of the book “ Claiming Conversations”, and consequently discussing about them in our parlors during the class time, I had a lot of topics which caught my attention and I would love to know more about. However, one specific topic made stop and think how this “issue” have been increasing during the past 15 years. Reading the book I found a lot of stories about how social medias and technology are changing the way people portray relationships. Over the past two decades, people are getting more and more connected to their phones, and consequently are forgetting how good and important is to have a face to face conversation.

Social medias have been affecting people in many “areas”. After reading the chapters “friendship”, “romance” and “family” I realized that technology are causing big impacts between how people are interacting with each other. It is very common to see people hanging out with friends, but at the same time, they are Always with their faces connected to the screen. On the family “field”, parents are spending less time with their sons due the fact that they are always connected with their phones. On the romance “field” love couples, would rather to have a snapchat conversation, than go to a romantic dinner or to the cinema. It is very frustrating for me to see how people are getting more and more addicted to technology and social medias, and the negatives impacts that come up with tis addiction.

“We may even to feel more at home in the word of our screens. Among family and friends, among colleagues and lovers, we turn to our phones instead of each other. We readily admit we would rather send an electronic message or mail than commit to a face-to-face meeting or a telephone call”. I found this quote to be a perfect explanation of how people are acting nowadays. Personally, I have a lot of friends and even family members that would fit in this situation. They are always using their phones or posting on social medias, and this directly affects our relationship. Moreover, I can easily relate the issue of who social medias and technology are changing the way people portray relationships, to other big “problems” that we see in everyday life. I’m looking forward to search and go deeper on this topic, and eventually write my inquiry project about it.


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