Parents In The Digital Era

     The chapter “Family” caught my attention because of the title and the first phrase of the chapter. It says “Daddy! Stop googling! I want to talk to you!”. After reading this quote, I was reflecting about if for probably 10 minutes, and I realize how different our relationships used to be, compared to the “world before technology. I am really interested in going deeper throught this issue and discuss about it on my inquiry project. The way people are interacting have been changing in all aspects of life, be family, work, romance and friends. Moreover, I would love to discuss about how families are getting more and more addicted to technology, and the consequences of it. Children are competing with smartphones for their parent “attention” and vice versa. Also, I would like to discuss if the big problem of children getting addicted to cellphones and social media is related to the parents raising, or if there are more factors involving it.

“As in many aspects of life, we are tempted to be with each other but also elsewhere. At dinner and in the park, parents and children turn to their phones and tablets. Conversations that used to take place face-to-face migrate online”. This quote was definitely my favorite on the entire chapter. The idea of being physically at one place, does not means that you are there mentally, which most of the times is more important. Families are not spending as much time as they used to do and when they spend it they are always using their phones, and it has been bringing a couple of bad consequences. Bad behavior and selfishness are the main common aspects that children have been presenting nowadays. In my case, the values and the way my parents raised me, definitely helped to be who I am now. And I feel that some families are letting those values aside because of the addiction to technology.

I found really interesting a situation among a family from the north of Pennsylvania. The son Mitchel said that his mom has one rule: No cellphones ate dinner. However, his mom brings her phone to dinner all the time and in his mind this is really wrong and hypocritical. How is Mitchel going to learn how to have a conversations face to face and spend some time with the family, if his mom is “breaking the rule” that she imposed. By being said, Mitchel said “ I am going to raise my children the way my parents think they are raising me. Not the way they are really raising me”. It is really disappointing to think that this is only one of many cases that happen over most of the families all around the world. Every family should aware to the fact that technology is good, but in excess may impact not only on their own life, but also their relationships with family and friends.


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