Digital Relationships


I found really interesting the reading of the chapter “ The Public Square”, since Turkle discussed about how people are getting involved in “untypical” themes over social medias. Politics among social medias have been growing drastically over the past 10 years. The “New Generation” feels the necessity to mobilize themselves for action, but most of the times those actions are done over the internet, which may not cause as much impact as actions done by physical presence. Although, there are some cases that online actions can make the difference. A good example was the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, which raised over a hundred million dollars to  promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and consequently helping to find the proper treatment of this disease. Personally, I did this challenge for fun, not thinking about the real purpose, and now looking back for what it did accomplish, I truly believe that online actions that have consistent goals could achieve big accomplishments.

“Right now there are more people on Facebook than there were on the planet two hundred years ago, Humanity’s greatest desire is to belong and connects… And this connections is changing the way the world works”. In my opinion this quote is really open minded, but at the same time people need to take care of how they are using this “connections”. Nowadays, people have an easily access to technology and it benefits, so it may led them to forget about the importance of face-to-face conversations. We are tempted to forget that political change is often two steps forward and one step back, and that usually takes a lot of time, it cannot be done by just a simple like or sharing over the Facebook.

Moreover, life on our new digital landscape challenges us as citizens. We are tempted to retreat with Turkle names as “online real”. This concept means that people can choose to see what they agree, and to share only the ideas that their followers want to hear.  Moreover, people are clinging to superficial things. Turkle mentions a quote that fits with this context, she said that “ generations have now grown up with the pleasures of mastering a game or a “level” and getting to a new screen…”. Those kind of actions are due the fact that people are always looking for immediate solutions, which is extremely related to the internet addictions and necessity that they feel. They just want the right answer, and QUICKLY!




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