Multitasked Life


These days, attention is in short supply in college and high school classrooms. Students have been texting more and more inside the classrooms, and consequently, their academic performance has been decreasing. According to researches, nine in ten college students said that they text in class. Therefore, we can say that the negative performance among college students is directly related the use of cellphones. Furthermore, students are trying to be multitask, which means that they can do two, three or even four things at the same time. Students feel that they can text and at the same time, they can pay attention to class, but we all know that this is almost impossible. Most students pretend pay attention to class, but in fact they are using the cellphone. It happens because students are afraid to be caught by professors and receive some kind of waring or suspension. I would like to mention a quote said by a high school student that portray this situation, it says “ Most kids can text without looking, so… you’ll be looking at the teacher, and under the table you’ve got your thumbs going crazy.”

Studies show that when students are in class multitasking on laptops or cellphones, everyone around them learn less. Personally, it happens to me a lot of times, since I always lost my focus when I see someone checking their Facebook or Instagram during class. However, I found really interesting the idea of “mix” deep attention and hyper attention, since both are basically the opposite. The concept of being fluent in both should be certainly our education goal, since you can choose to multitask when you need to, or focus on one thing at time. Focusing in one thing at time is always better for me, but if we learn how to multitask effectively, it could be really helpful as well. This concept is related by switching focus rapidly among different tasks and having a low tolerance for boredom, which in my opinion can definitely help students to increase their performance.

Due the fact that students are used to technology and it advantages, they are always rush. Nowadays, when students are asked for some question, they just want to know the answer, instead of learning how to reach the answer, which is really sad, since our sense of researching and understanding how to do that problem is gradually fading away. These are some thoughts from professors about this topic: “They don’t think anything should take time”, “ they are not particular interested in listening to each other. If they have a question, they want the right answer. QUICKLY”.

I really liked the sources that Turkle used to write this chapters, since most of them are based on websites, magazines, articles, books and testimony of specialists on the topic, which in the case would be professors or people who know about the topic, in many cases researches and doctors.


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