A few things that I found interesting throughout “Think Rhetorically” was that it really explains the components of rhetorical situations, and how they work together among the text. Moreover, Joe Moxley emphasizes the importance of learning to think rhetorically, and the consequences that may come up with during not just as students, but as human beings. Honestly, I already knew a lot of things about the rhetorical pyramid. I was fortunate to learn about it during my UWRT1 class and now I know how important it will help me during my college career. The rhetorical pyramid  correlates audience, text and rhetoric among the context of the text, giving the readers of the text a better view about what the author is trying to say, also, it is extremely important to know that the exigence surrounding the context of the text creates the rhetoric and it directly affect the purpose of the text.

By understanding the idea of rhetorical situation it will definitely help me reading “ reclaiming conversation”, as well as how I will discuss it during the parlors in class. Learning how to use the rhetorical appeal in a more effective way, will definitely help me to communicate effectively and persuasively to the potential readers of my texts. Moreover, the tone and the language are extremely important for the context of the text, since writers have to suit themselves according to who they are writing for. A good example, is the difference between the way you, as a writer, write an e-mail to your professor and the way you write to a friend. I found really interesting how the audience plays a key role among the text. It is extremely important for a writer to analyze the audience before writing the text. By knowing your audience, the chances of being successful increase a lot. By the other hand, if for some reason you don’t know your audience, you may make educated guesses about the needs, education, and likely reactions of the people who are likely to read your work. This text definitely helped me to understand what I have to do to be a better writer and I will certainly include all of those “terms” that I learned in my next texts.



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