Cellphones: An “Emergency Exit”

I found this chapter really interesting and it definitely opened my eyes to certain aspects of how people are using cellphones. On this chapter, Turkle focused on how and why cellphones are taking over our lives, especially among high school and college students. Nowadays, students to talk as they used to do. The new technology allow them to chat among social medias, like snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, which for them is more relaxing than having a face to face conversation. By chatting among social medias, students have more time to plan and say what they want to say, by the other hand, students thinks that having a face to face conversation could become awkward and embarrassing, by taking the “wrong direction”. Rona, a high school senior, tries to explain this situation by saying “ Texting gives more space to say things right and make things right. If you do something wrong you can fix right away”.

Students tend to spend most of their time using electronic advices, could be a computer, cellphone or an IPad. Personally, I am a person who like to spend time in my cellphone, but when I need to have a conversation I would definitely be able to “do it”. However, I feel that some of my friends would not be able to have a face to face conversation. They get so used to use their cellphones, and communicate among social medias, that they kind of forgot how to have a face to face conversation. The closer they can get to a face to face conversation it’s trough facetime.

After reading the text and looking up the sources that Turkle used to write this chapter, I felt that she tried to show us how the next generation is completely changing. Moreover, most of her sources were based upon researches among college or high school students, which means that I am part of this specific group and I have to be aware about the consequences that cellphone addiction can come up, especially in my academic and professional career.


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