Phones Before People


The “Empathy Diaries” is a very interesting text that basically talks about why and how cellphones are changing the interaction between people. Nowadays, people rather text than have a face to face meeting. Turkle tries to makes her opinion very clear about her position on this subject. I really liked when she mentioned that “We are forever else. At class, or at church or business meetings, we pay attention to what interests us and then when it does not, we look to our devices to find something that does”.  This quote explains in a very clear and realistic way how cellphones frequently leave us to a solitary and selfish life.

Which is very sad for me, since technology was made to help us as humans beings, but we are not using it in the “right” way. I really think that cellphones make communication easier, but when people get too caught up in talking through cellphones it takes away from the personal connections people get when meeting face to face.  I was interested in a couple of points Turkle talked about such as when people have their phones near them and they have them on silent, but it still causes a distraction because people will always wonder if they got a notification.  A good example of a way to take my mind off of my phone is when my coach for Tennis has a meal with us he does not allow us to even take our phones out of our pockets to check them so we can have a face to face conversation which allows us to have a better connection and learn more about each other rather than sitting on our phones throughout all of the meal with our eyes glued to our phone screens.


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